Thursday, September 27, 2007


One of the pioneer Death Metal bands in this city they br
Killing of the soul - ATMAHATYA
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ANIRBAN said...

Yes they are the first true Death Metal band from West Bengal! Absolutely spine-breaking band! And hats off to the lead vocalist and the super fast drummer! Somewhat a Bengali version of Cannibal Corpse - the famous Brutal Death Metal band!

Can any one provide any link to their live performances or tracks please? I only have the 1947 track performed at Band Wagon (ETV)...

Vikram Roy said...

Come Back You Sons Of Sun, The Ruler Of Hell, The Guardian Of Self Destruction.. Looking Back All Of You With Same Tune Once Again In The Arena. I Am With You... Let Rule On Metal Arena In India. Lets Do It Guys, Don't Waist Your Time.