Monday, March 12, 2007

Pink Noise Live at Princeton 07

That nite at princeton Shezzooooooom Shizzzzoooooooom Booyakasha Respekt for Pink Noise Jayashree Singh -- whoa awsom version of black hole sun
Jiver Mad Man on Drums Madder on Campus
Gyaan Singh Just Whoa Speechless Thats A fender
AMyt Dutta the man Himself Sheeeeeeeeeeezooommm

Ladies and Gentleman Pink Noise


Oopie said...

Loved them all but Amyt Duttaz pic happens to be my favourite!
very cool!

Saurav said...

went through most of your photos at - brilliant stuff as a whole, and some shots are way too good! danm good stuff man, keep up the good work :-) ccheerz!